Remote Software Support

Looking for supportsupport on a specific issue with your translator? Help is but a phone call away. Global eCommerce Technologies provides fast, comprehensive support through our staff of friendly technicians. If you’re having trouble with your software, give us a call at 786-571-6763 or contact us via our web form.

Below is a sampling of the major softwares we support and have many valuable years of experience with:

  • Sterling Commerce Gentran Server for Windows
  • Sterling Commerce Gentran Director for Windows
  • Sterling B2B Integrator
  • GXS Inovis TrustedLink Enterprise
  • GXS Inovis TrustedLink Windows
  • GXS Inovis Catalyst Mapper


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Having trouble with your software? Contact us via our web form or by calling 786-571-6763 today.

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Global eCommerce Technologies provides complete EDI implementation and support services that ensure customer satisfaction in the implementation or migration to a new system.


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